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Adoption Stats

These are the Australian Government's adoption statistics, published in December 2013:

4th March, 2014

Acknowledgements from NAAW

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced immediate changes to the processing for children adopted from Ethiopia, Taiwan and South Korea to allow the Australian system to recognise these adoptions in a more efficient time frame.

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Deborra-lee Furness: “I congratulate the Prime Minister on this announcement today, and I am particularly happy for the many families who will be directly affected by this immediate action. We have been calling for change for a long time, and I am absolutely thrilled to see the Prime Minister’s office committing to real action.”
Prime Minister Tony Abbott met with NAAW Board Members Catherine McDonnell, John O'Neill and Helen McCabe with Attorney-General George Brandis in the PM's sitting room. Photo Credit: Andrew Meares, SMH
Chair of NAAW Board, John O'Neill: “we welcome this important administrative change which will finalise the legal creation of families without many months of formal paperwork. I know from my own experience how lengthy the process has been, and I am certain that this reform will have an immensely positive affect on a number of Australian families, and more importantly, vulnerable children.”

National Adoption Awareness Week CSA

Our Focus in 2014

We are proud to announce we will be liaising with State and Commonwealth governments in relation to this initiative and expect to work with and inform the COAG process.

Adoption/ Foster care statistics

Around the World:
13 million children are without both parents
120 million kids have only one carer, who usually struggles to provide for that child.
*Sourced from UNICEF

In Australia:
39,621 children are in out of home care.
18,000 children are in foster care waiting for permanent care solutions.
70 children were adopted in 2012.

This represents 1 in 249 Australian children who are lucky enough to get through the current system.
* Sourced from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report – Adoptions 2011-2012

Last year there were 333 adoptions nationwide, this includes inter country and domestic adoptions.
This is an 84% drop from 1988 numbers - a dire state for children in need of permanent care solutions.

Aims of National Adoption Awareness Week



What Motivates Us

Our Values

Every Child has a right to a family. We embrace adoption as a positive and important way of forming a permanent family.

Our Mission

Raise community awareness, encourage reform and empower all Australians to engage with issues affecting adoption.

Our Purpose

Advocate for ethical, transparent adoption to enable vulnerable children to find a permanent family and a brighter future.

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